Shut down your PC at a specified time


  • Easy to operate
  • Schedule shutdown, start-up, restart or hibernate
  • Skinable alarm clock


  • Maybe the developer could've included the ability to schedule opening and closing of individual apps and processes


If you want to be able to power down your PC at a given time every day then SDClock will help you do the job with the minimum amount of hassle.

This can be useful for a number of tasks, such as ensuring your office machine is not switched on all night or shutting down after burning a DVD or downloading a file.

Using the program options you can even set up a weekly schedule, choosing a shutdown time and applying it to the different days. You can also ask the program to boot your machine, hibernate or restart at a given time.

The alarm clock feature is also quite handy, and you can customize its appearance using skins. SDClock provides you with a simple, efficient and free way to automate the shutting down of your PC.

Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes

SDClock will power down Windows at an appointed time. The program can power-down method set logoff, reboot, standby(sleep), hibernation and shutdown.

You can also use it as a digital clock with fancy movable skins. In addition, SDClock Service can carry out the power-down even if nobody logs on a local computer.




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